Press Release Writing Tips: How to Announce a New Product

When writing a press release about your new product, it should be enough to catch the attention of the press who are the instrument in spreading the word out about it. Knowing how to write a release about your new offering can give you as much publicity that can boost brand awareness, reach and sales.

press release writing

Here are some tips when you want to promote your new product or services:

Tip # 1: Focus on the product’s features.

A newsworthy product announcement should be written in a way that it includes the best features of your new product. Why would the journalists care to cover your story? Highlight the benefits that it provides the reader.

Don’t just write like, “we crafted the best canopy in the market.” Make sure that the journalists catch the benefits it provides, otherwise, they would move on to the next story.

Tip # 2: Include a story.

One common mistake that PR reps make when writing a release about their new product is the lack of story. Yes, they provided all the facts and stats, but it has no story.

Do you think it would appeal to the target readers? A press release is a modern way of storytelling. Customers aren’t just curious about your new product. They want to learn about how you developed it, what makes it different from others, and how it would solve their problems, check out the best press release distribution writing in 2018 here

A story has a human element or emotions that makes the readers want to connect with you. Try to put yourself in their shoes to provide this need.

Tip #  3: Write a headline that highlights your product’s unique selling point.

A good headline should focus on the unique selling point of your new product. Does it has a unique feature, let the readers know about it.

Keep the headline short, succinct, interesting and relevant. The journalists should be convinced that they should write your story, and the customers should know about your product.

Tip #  4: Answer the who, what, when, where, why and how.

When writing your release, ensure that you go straight to the point. Answer the who, what, when, where, why and how of your story right on the first paragraph.

Don’t make the journalists look for the information in your release. This should summarize what your new product is all about.

Tip #  5: Be clear with whom you’re targeting your press release.

Your new product is made for a particular group of people, who are most likely to benefit from your product. Make sure that the readers know who are these people.

Mention them at the start of your release. Speak to them directly. When people know that your product is made for them, they are more encouraged to read your story and share it.

Tip #  6: Write the body of the press release.

The body of the release should support your claims about your new product. You may include quotes from a thought leader, an expert or a shareholder in your company.

Their statements can build trust and support because it shows that they are an authentic brand. It also provides the media something to use for their cover story.

Tip #  7: Have a clear contact information.

Having a media contact in a release is very important. It should be found on the upper portion of the first page.

This gives the media and the investors somebody to contact when they want to follow up information or do business. The contact person should be reachable and contacted directly through their email address or contact number.

Tip #  8: Distribute your release through paid distribution services.

After writing your release, you should submit it to a  paid distribution service that can help you land publications. Your release could be syndicated by tens of thousands of journalists and media outlets that can give you the publicity that you need.

When your release is published in many sites and publications, you expand the reach of your product. This can result in increase sales and brand awareness.

Follow these press release writing tips during your product launching. Don’t get discouraged if you get a “no” for an answer. Don’t forget that while writing your release, ensure that you build rapport with your target media.